What is a game-changer?

Game-Changer: Innovative, Risk-Taker, Not Shrewd

What is a game-changer? Many people believe that it is someone who causes the changes that lead to the improvement of something. However, this definition is somewhat narrow because it could be anyone from a creative innovator to a corporate leader who makes a huge difference in the way that an organization operates. A game-changer may be a person or organization that changes the way that things are done in a whole or a partial area.



are those who apply their own personal personality traits and attitudes to stimulate change in an organization. Game-changers are not usually employed by other people or firms. They are usually self-employed, creating their own businesses and sometimes using other people’s capital to do so. Game-changers are also typically involved in high-risk professions such as innovation, venture investment, risk management, financial services, and software development. Some game-changers have actually been unemployed from many of these traditional careers before becoming game-changers.


If you are wondering what makes a game-changer

you need to think about your typical customer. Customers tend to be looking for new products and services. Typically, they are searching for something better, more useful, and more engaging. A game-changer comes up with new ideas and presents those ideas in a new way. The idea might be based on an already existing product or concept, or it could be completely new.


Some game-changers

are known to come up with original and novel applications for previously established processes. For instance, you can find several game-changers who are leaders in online marketing. They use social networking, video marketing, and blogging to market their businesses. However, not all of them apply this approach. Some of them just add a new interface, a new concept, or even market through their existing platforms.


Some game-changers are risk-takers, too

Some of them are innovative, risk-averse, yet willing to take some big risks to bring you innovative ideas. You will often hear about some game-changers who have taken huge risks to bring you a new form of entertainment. For example, one game-changer invented the game show Jeopardy! It was a competition where the competitors were asked to answer trivia questions, which were based on real clues and were judged by a panel of experts.


Game-changers take risks

to bring you better ideas and ways of doing things. In fact, it’s often said that a game-changer should never accept failure, especially at the risk of losing their own business. Do you want to learn more about risk-taking? Get the inside scoop on how you can become a game-changer yourself!

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