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Uses of Solar Energy

Electricity consumption in the current world is the total form of energy consumption, which makes use of electrical energy. Electricity is used as a power source to run home appliances and lighting fixtures. Electrical energy is required for industrial processes as well. Electricity is produced through the burning of fossil fuels, such as gas and coal.

prevent harmful environment

Although it is widely accepted that the current way of generating electricity is by using fossil fuels like coal, gas, and oil, this method of electricity generation has several problems. It is extremely harmful to the environment. The Earth’s environment will be destroyed in due course of time due to the high level of carbon dioxide released by these fuels. In fact, there are very large portions of the Earth where carbon dioxide is said to be the main cause of global warming. So, the use of renewable electricity generation to meet energy needs is highly recommended.

estimate the energy needed

For example, let us take into consideration the common household electricity consumption of a person in the UK. If a person uses this amount of electricity consumption in a month, then he should be using about wattage every year. Now, if we take the total electricity consumed in the UK in a year, then we can easily estimate the amount of energy needed by common households in one year. Taking the kilowatt usage and dividing it into the number of individuals in the UK, we can come up with approximately how many kilowatt-hours per individual.

minimize high electricity consumption

Therefore, the kilowatt-hour figure is the amount of electricity consumption per individual. However, this figure can also be misleading. There are many factors that can affect electricity consumption in the UK. These include the weather and climate. For example, during summertime, people in the UK use a lot of electricity consumption to keep air conditioning and lighting facilities on.

reduce the amount of carbon emission

On the other hand, the residential sector in the UK is the main contributor of carbon emissions to the environment. As a result, the amount of carbon emission in the residential sector should be taken into account while calculating the consumption in a particular month. Although this may not affect the overall electricity consumption in the UK, it will greatly affect the growth of the economy in the UK. Economic growth in the UK leads to demand for different products and services. The demand for oil and gas is an example of such product and service demand increase as a result of economic growth.

Other factors include population growth and aging in the UK. As a result, the number of people over the age of 65 years is increasing. As a result, the amount of electricity consumption may also increase with the growing population. Overall, the trends and patterns in the demand and supply of energy in the electricity consumption in the UK can be seen from the OECD countries.

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