The Advantages and Disadvantages of Renewable Energy

The advantages of renewable energy are absolutely breathtaking

While renewable sources may not be able to completely replace all of the conventional energy that’s been powering the planet for the past century, they definitely can help make a significant dent in our carbon footprint and help preserve our precious environment for the generations to come. While many nations around the world have already begun exploring and implementing methods to utilize renewable energy, there is still much that’s left to be done – especially when it comes to how we can use this energy more efficiently and effectively.

One major advantage of using renewable energy includes the fact that it’s extremely reliable. For example, wind is one of the most reliable energy sources around; and because of its directional nature, it can be used over again, with little to no impact on the environment. Wave power is another example, as this method is capable of being used in countless locations around the world with absolutely no negative impact on the environment. Another very efficient way to generate electricity with renewable resources is solar power. Even though it has been slightly affected by decreasing prices and technology, solar power still offers a very good solution as it doesn’t require much space and is very efficient.

causing grave environmental problems

However, renewable energy does have some major disadvantages which need to be addressed. One major disadvantage of renewable energy is the fact that, while it eliminates most of the major pollutants from the Earth’s atmosphere, it also greatly increases carbon emissions. This means that, as well as causing grave environmental problems, it can also result in serious cardiac health issues. As the Earth’s atmospheric concentrations of carbon dioxide and methane continue to steadily rise, respiratory illnesses like asthma are likely to become much more prevalent, along with similar respiratory problems caused by other elements in the environment.

Carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases are believed to cause serious health problems because they aggravate pre-existing respiratory conditions. These respiratory conditions include chronic coughing, shortness of breath, and in some cases, even lung cancer. Carbon dioxide is a leading cause of climate change, and its accumulation in the atmosphere is one of the main reasons why global warming is occurring. While it may seem that the introduction of renewable energy would solve many of these problems, the opposite is true. Global warming has caused some degree of climate change already, and any additional increase in carbon dioxide levels will only exacerbate the problem. In addition, as power plants continue to burn fossil fuels, carbon dioxide will inevitably find its way back into our air, leading to yet another major health problem.

Wind and solar power are significantly more expensive

There are many pros and cons associated with both sources of energy, but there are also some important differences. Wind power is perhaps the best type of renewable energy, because wind is an unlimited, naturally occurring source. Solar power, on the other hand, is much more limited, and its usage is dependent on the availability of sunlight. Fossil fuel consumption comes with an abundance of pros, but also a number of cons. Both can have an affect on the environment, and the extent to which our planet will be damaged will depend largely on which method we choose.

One of the most obvious advantages and disadvantages is cost. Wind and solar power are significantly more expensive to obtain than fossil fuels, making them considerably more expensive in the long run. Also, although they are more efficient in the generation of energy, their use involves a great deal of energy. The advantages of this clean energy over the traditional methods are clear, but it is up to each individual to determine which method is best for his or her needs and lifestyle. A good place to start the research is with an online directory of energy comparison sites that allow you to compare costs and benefits of various alternative methods of power production.

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