Tent Types For Backpacking and Wild Camping Adventures

There are several different kinds of tents that you can purchase, and it’s important to understand the characteristics and features of each so you can make an informed decision on which one is best for your particular needs. When shopping for a new tent, it is wise to take into consideration the common shapes and sizes of tents, as well as their overall functionality. When you decide on what type of tent will be best for your camping trips, you also need to consider the types of features that you desire in a tent. If you want to know the most common shapes of tents, here are some examples:

Single-wall tents

Single-wall tents are ideal for single individuals who do not wish to pay additional fees for more flexible accommodations. They are a great choice for families or groups planning to go camping because they are extremely affordable and durable. A popular single-wall tent style is the dome tent, which is shaped like a large round shell. Tents shaped in this shape are very popular in recreational vehicle (RV) campsites and RV parks. Some of the better-known single-wall tents are the Sierra Designs Eiger, the Kelty Tents, and the BackPacker Duo. The dome tent is the most versatile among the single-wall tents, and its easy setup and quick setup are some of the main benefits of owning one.

Double-wall tents

Double-wall tents are the best choice for long-distance hikers, as they offer more protection against the wind and precipitation. They are generally used for family camping trips, or extended camping excursions, as they are highly ventilated and spacious. Most double-wall tents have two poles, with one extending outside the other. They may be set up in a variety of ways, depending on the style and design of the dome tent.

Camping tents

Camping tents are the traditional form of lodging and are made of either nylon or canvas materials. Nylon tents are light and easy to set up and have been very popular since the days of the Wright brothers. Canvas tents are heavier and sturdier, and they do not require any special anchoring system or ropes; however, the major benefit to canvas tents is that they are more durable and weather-resistant than nylon tents.

sit-on-top bivy tent

Some of the more modern and easier to assemble tent options include the sit-on-top bivy tent, which is more popular today than ever before. These tents offer protection from both the sun and precipitation. Another popular type of modern bivy tent is the freestanding bivy tent, which offers the same protection from the elements as the sit-on-top models, but is left open in the middle. Bell tents, which use bell-shaped pegs along the walls of the tent, are a newer style of bivy tent and are becoming quite popular in RV parks, as well as at recreational campgrounds across the country. Bell tents are typically used for excursions into remote areas, where neighbors might not want to keep their camper close to the other campers.

inflatable tents

Some companies manufacture inflatable tents. Some of the best-known brands include Eureka, Scott, Big Agnes, and others. The cost of an inflatable tent will vary widely, depending on the size, material, and brand. Generally, an inflatable tent will provide more protection than either of the aforementioned types of tents, as well as easy to set up and break down. For many backpackers and mountaineers, an inflatable camping tent is the best choice for wild camping expeditions and backpacking trips.

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