Reduce Plastic Waste

Recycle Plastic Water Bottles to Reduce Plastic Waste

Water bottles are certainly among the most popular accessories used by people all over the world. A water bottle is simply a device that is utilized to hold liquid or water, oils, or any other fluids for easy drinking. These devices come in different shapes and designs to suit different purposes. However, not many people consider the longevity of these products when choosing a bottle. Water bottles are generally considered as long-lasting and practical devices.


Water bottles are commonly used for carrying drinks

like cold water and other refreshing drinks while traveling. The best thing about this kind of bottle is that it makes it possible for you to carry a bottle wherever you go. However, the longevity of plastic bottles is also one of the factors that are taken into account by those who choose to drink products. If you want to continue using your water bottles for a long time, you should opt for one made up of polycarbonate material. This material is capable of withstanding daily exposure to extreme temperature fluctuations and continuous usage.


Another factor that needs to be considered

is the type of plastics that are utilized in making the bottle. Today, two kinds of plastics are commonly utilized for water bottles – Low-E PVC and High-E PVC. The PVC pellets or solid plastics are the first variety. They have low density but high strength. However, both plastics are used for the production of water bottles; however, PVC pellets are more preferred since they are more resistant to the effects of weathering and harsh treatment than High-E plastics.


Water bottle manufacturers prefer to use low-density plastic

since they are more cost-effective. However, the benefit of using plastics is that they last for longer than plastics that have higher density. Some of the best-recycled plastic materials for water bottles are PET bottles. These plastic bottles are made up of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) and low-density polyethylene (LDPE).


The main reason behind the increase

the use of plastic water bottles is an environmental concern over the alarming amount of plastic waste being dumped into our environment. Recycling these plastic bottles is the best possible solution to tackle this problem and address the growing problem of global warming. Moreover, by recycling these plastics, we help reduce the total cost of manufacturing plastic water bottles.


Another great benefit of using recycled plastic for bottles

is the reduced consumption of soft drinks. It can be easily said that the soft drinks industry is one of the biggest contributors to the increasing level of plastic waste across the world. Therefore, recycling this material encourages the soft drink manufacturers to produce more efficient bottles that consume less energy to produce. Since many countries across the world are starting to adopt strict laws regarding the use of plastics, especially those that come in contact with aquatic life, many companies are already using this material as an alternative to plastic to make their bottled water and soft drinks.

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