Prescription Glasses Offer Great Distance Vision Correction

common among working adults who may require help to see things up close

Prescription Glass came into being for those with near-sightedness or farsightedness. It’s essentially a pair of glasses with a built-in laser that improves your eyesight by adjusting the focus of light to reshape the cornea. This corrective technology has been around for decades but prescription glass came into being after World War II when soldiers are going out of their tours of duty saw the effects of the blue light on their vision. That was the impetus for the U.S. military to develop it.

Prescription glasses have four general styles: thin, split, heavy, and high-gloss. An array of colored frames is also available. The company this morning announced a new series of prescription wearable computer screens that do something that the old ones could not: correct your vision for distance. Projector glasses as they are called simply project a light field onto the retina and although there is some degree of distortion caused by the thin corneal layer behind the transparent lens, the effect is still pretty good.

The glasses are designed to be worn with prescription lenses only

They have no image stabilization like high-gloss lenses do and only magnify the objects in the center of the lens using a bifocal lens design that means the distance information is projected onto a centered area of the lens and the near information is projected onto a slightly off-center portion of the lens. These glasses can either be soft bifocal lenses like those used in many contact lenses or hard high-gloss models like the ones used in the best progressive eyeglass frames.

Soft bifocal lenses are the easiest to use since they just need to be placed in the right eye. They also offer the best visual clarity and are just as effective at distance vision correction as their hard counterparts. Hard bifocal lenses, on the other hand, are more difficult to adjust to than soft contacts and some people find them very uncomfortable even after several hours of wearing them. The additional cost of the hard models may be an irritant to some as well.


Some prescription glasses frames even come in pairs, with one pair designated to correct either near or far vision. Trijicon’s new line of prescription sunglasses offers this option. With the new trijicon sun visors, users can easily see into the distance without squinting and just as easily look down and see the perimeter of the frame without having to turn their heads. This is especially convenient for users going outdoors and who enjoy the sun’s rays but who like to wear protective eye wear.

You really can’t go wrong with prescription glasses if you’re looking for something that offers clear vision at great distance. The key, of course, is finding a pair that matches your face shape and face hair color. You may also want to consider purchasing a frame made to taper toward the bottom so that your glasses don’t cut off any of your facial beauty. And don’t worry if you have an oval, diamond, or square face shape. There are frames available that will suit you.

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