Popular Promotional Giveaways for Retailers

Promotional giveaways are probably one of the oldest advertising tricks around

Giveaways are about the giveaway, more than the product being sold. When done right, they can use social media to spread the word about your trade show or seminar. Have your event information printed on social media tools, including Twitter, Facebook and MySpace; encourage attendees to use promo items. Ask them to “like” your Facebook page, create a tweet that includes their name and the url; and follow your tweets. Giveaways are very easy to personalize with social media; use photos, videos and postcards, and invite participants to use your pages for their own convenience.

Promotional Giveaways help you reach out to the general public, while staying within your budget and branding guidelines. In addition, giving away items encourages repeat business. It’s a win-win situation for both you and your audience. So what are some smart marketers’ ideas for giving away promotional gifts? Promotional bags, which come in a variety of materials and prices, are one idea that keep your brand bright and focused on the public.

Smart marketers know that promotional giveaways are a great way

To get your name out in the community and across the country. Giveaways are also a great way to boost brand recognition without spending a fortune on TV commercials or radio advertising. Promotional items such as mugs make a great way to give away free stuff in a socially convenient manner. A quick message on your company blog, an announcement on your social media page, or an email sent to your list of followers will let them know about your latest promo. Promotional mugs, pens, coasters and more can be imprinted with your company logo or slogan.

Another idea is to purchase one hundred high-quality, attractive promotional items and give them away at one of your local trade shows. You may want to give away a few different items so people get a taste of different styles and colors. Giveaways make a great trade show giveaway and a fantastic conversation piece. Trade show exhibit rentals provide you with everything you need to set up a booth and provide custom promotional items for your booth attendants. These companies specialize in offering custom trade show display booths.


Whether it’s from your office supply store, a grocery store or a university bookstore, there are many different ideas for smart marketing that will enhance brand awareness, build customer loyalty and increase sales. When used in conjunction with other advertising strategies, promotional giveaways are an economical yet effective way to attract new business. Smart marketers use giveaways to promote existing brands, build new customer lists and to generate new leads. There are numerous companies that specialize in providing custom-designed giveaways, promotional items or other unique marketing solutions.

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