Kids Love To Get Wet And Soaked on the Beach

When planning your next summer vacation, why not think of the beach and all it has to offer?

From swimming and sunning to fishing and parasailing, there is much enjoyment derived from spending time on the beach. If you are lucky enough to have a beach on your vacation home, then by all means enjoy yourself! But, if your house is on the beach or near the beach, then you are in for some extra special treat this summer. You can indulge in all of the above mentioned activities right on your beach front or back yard. Either way, your kids will be begging you to go back to your beach house.

If you do not have a beach or a backyard, then you can still indulge in many beach activities without having to go the extra mile. A beach ball is a great way to get your family or friends out of the water and exercise their muscles. Beach balls are very affordable and can be purchased at your local dollar store or large department store sporting goods store. Beach balls provide great exercise by requiring players to move around and use all of their skills developed on the sand and along the seaside.

Another fun and entertaining activity for your children involve the art of popping bubbles with sand. Children can practice their skill by using a squeeze bottle to fill a cup with sand and then try to pop the bubble juice using their hands.

children will learn how to aim their popping skills at the beach

Popping bubbles from the stem of the bottle to create the suction necessary to pop the bubbles. Squeeze bottles can be purchased at most dollar stores and supply your beach treasures with some refreshing drink bubbles to enjoy on a day that you are not taking them to the beach.

In addition to playing on the sand and practicing their skills on a beach ball, you can provide many other beach themed activities for your kids to engage in. One game that is easy to prepare and inexpensive to purchase is a beach soccer tournament. You can have teams assemble on the beach and each team should provide players with a beach ball or beach soccer ball as well as two to three jumping ropes. The players on each team should form a pyramid and the players on the top of the pyramid should try to hit the other players with the beach ball or the beach soccer ball. Each player should try to hit the other player once; failing to hit someone will result in that player being forced to play on the bottom of the pyramid and players on the bottom must try to hit other players with their jumping ropes.

Beach parties can also provide a great opportunity

Beach themed activities and games. For example, your child could organize a beach themed slumber party by inviting other family members to bring a pillow and a box of chocolates, which they can then blow on each other. This slumber party game can be quickly turned into a beach themed sleepover by adding surfboards and beach balls, a surfboard slumber party game, or an inflatable wave. Your child could have a treasure hunt for guests to take on their own “treasure trail” and each participant should find the lost item in the sand and bring it back to the main party area for a prize. Other fun beach themed activities could include volleyball and beach football.

When kids love to get wet and sandy, beach themed activities are sure to be a hit at any casual or special event held at your home. Be sure to add some sand to the party area and add a Dollar Store gift bag to each participant. Also, think about including beach theme printable cards, beach themed craft supplies and beach themed coloring books. This is sure to be a big hit at any casual or special occasion held at your home this summer!

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