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Energy Conservation – Ways to Cut Electricity Costs

One of the best ways to save money on your energy bills is to reduce consumption. There are numerous ways that can be done to decrease your energy consumption. Some of these tips are more effective than others depending on what your current energy consumption is. Following these tips will not only drastically decrease your monthly energy consumption bills but also decrease your carbon footprint as well.


There are several effective ways to cut down on your energy consumption and they do not necessarily require you to give up any of your comforts. Every household, individual and family is unique from one another. What works for your neighbor’s household might not work for your own. However, if you live in an average 2,500 square feet single-family house, there are many factors which contribute to your monthly electricity costs.

The biggest factor in decreasing your consumption is by changing some of the appliances which consume energy. For example, if you do not use your washing machine regularly, you could save hundreds of dollars a year by using a floor washer that uses less electricity than the washer which you have had since you were a kid. However, if you use your washing machine frequently, you might consider replacing it with a floor washer and dryer. This simple change will save you hundreds of dollars a year.


Another way to decrease your energy consumption is by replacing your refrigerator with an energy efficient energy or hybrid fridge. Energy efficient fridges use less electricity while providing you with more space inside. In addition, to the decrease in energy consumption, the larger the energy efficient fridge the lower the electric bill each month. You also need to keep track of the amount of ice that builds up in your fridge. If you find that the ice builds up too much, then you should consider replacing the refrigerator with a smaller-sized one.

One thing that can be done to cut electricity costs is to change your lighting fixtures. Many people believe that LED light bulbs are better than the traditional incandescent light bulbs since they produce more energy per watt. However, LED light bulbs consume more energy than the normal incandescents. So, if you want to cut energy consumption, you should replace your old light bulbs with energy efficient LED lamps. LED lamps use only 20% of the energy of the regular incandescent lamps.


If you really want to reduce your energy consumption, you should install energy efficiency and low voltage lights in your home. You can install solar panels to get renewable energy for free. You can also put up less energy efficient windows to get more sunlight. Also, installing ceiling insulation is another good idea to cut electricity costs. As a result of this energy conservation, you will be able to reduce the cost of running your home or office.

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