Dog Training: Your Friend For Life

dogs have been considered man’s best friend

“Man’s best friend” has been a popular phrase used to describe domestic dogs, indicating their millennia-old history of faithful companionship, friendship, affection, and devotion with humans. The earliest known use of this term is by Frederick the Great of Prussia, in his description of animals. He called them domesticated because they had been trained to serve humans, instead of their wild ancestors who lived on farms. In fact, the word that was used in that era to indicate domesticated animals was “furnished.” The word was derived from a Turkic word meaning “maid,” so it is not surprising that this became the basis for the English translation of the term.

Throughout history, dogs have been considered man’s best friend because they allowed man to exercise control over wild animals, which were previously uncontrolled by their owners. A dog’s obedience, which is defined as man’s ability to control and be in charge of an animal, is essential in being able to live and work alongside other people. This control is necessary to ensure that the dog will not run rampant and endanger human or property damage.

A dog allows its master to live a safe and secure

In order for a dog to be classified as one with this important trait, it must have been domesticated. Domesticated means having been trained to behave and perform properly. Some dogs have been trained to herd sheep, herd farm animals, hunt, or assist the disabled. By definition, any dog that has been trained to obey and perform according to human specifications and can be categorized as domestic or companion dog.

Another reason that dogs have been considered man’s best friend is that they allow humans to be active outdoors without being encumbered by the animal. A dog’s natural instinct to chase prey, track, or retrieve is useful in helping man’s animal friends locate food, find their way home, and catch or retrieve game. A dog allows its master to live a safe and secure outdoor lifestyle by alerting him to potential danger and helping him to protect himself. In fact, most self-defense instructors stress the importance of being alert and aware when in unfamiliar or dangerous situations.

Dog training is not just an easy task

Even among the canine population, there are several breeds that have stood the test of time and have proven temperamentally as healthy, strong and intelligent as any dog breed. Many dogs have been able to pass on these traits to subsequent generations. Although some breeds have increased in popularity as pets over the years, such as the German Shepherd, Doberman Pincher and the Collie, they have proven to be more temperamentally suitable for working than they have been as household pets. The British Bulldog has also been proven to be a physically and mentally stimulating dog that has provided companionship for generations of humans.

Although man’s best friend may not seem like it has an upper hand in a fight, he does have a number of methods to communicate with his dog. Dog training is not just an easy task as it seems, but it can be a very rewarding experience. As long as you teach your dog how to obey, stay safe from danger and how to play within your own environment, you will have a companion for life. Dogs have proven to be our closest bond, and having one that is well-trained will help make your relationship even stronger.

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