Choosing a Maternity Bra

a maternity bra has an elastic band

A maternity bra, also referred to as a postpartum brassiere, is an exceptional brassiere which provides extra support to pregnant women who are lactating and allows more comfortable breastfeeding without the need to take off the bra. This is done by specially made brassieres that contain flaps that can be easily opened using just one hand. The additional support and comfort helps reduce the tendency to scar the breast and allow the baby to latch on easier. In addition to this, it gives an opportunity for both the mother and child to bond even before giving birth.

Unlike regular bras, a maternity bra has an elastic band that goes across the front of the cup. It also features a scoop in the back which is used to create the initial scoop or “bump” of the cup. The advantage of the scoops is they provide gentle support and prevent the breasts from moving forward when a woman is actively breastfeeding. Thus, even if a woman were not planning to become pregnant she could still wear a nursing or maternity bra to help her breasts cope with the additional stress during the early months of pregnancy.

women find that their usual bra starts to lose its elasticity

During pregnancy, many women find that their usual bra starts to lose its elasticity. This makes it more difficult to get into and out of, especially for women who don’t have a lot of experience. When a woman starts wearing a maternity bra, she will notice that the extra weight of the baby pushes her shoulders forward. Because the brassiere provides added support for these extra bulkier areas, this doesn’t cause any discomfort.

The normal bra also tends to shift shape with pregnancy, creating cleavage or juggling problems for some women. Because the maternity bra is so much thinner at the beginning of the pregnancy, it gives the cleavage that every woman needs to look her best. It also keeps the breasts lifted above the heart level, a position that prevents them from sagging. After the first few weeks of pregnancy, most women notice that their bra has been wonderfully transformed. They no longer feel uncomfortable, but they find that they now have the shape and structure that they were used to when they were wearing their “normal” brassiere.

Most maternity bras are made of stretchy material

Even though it can be tricky to go back to wearing your “normal” brassiere after having your child, most women find that they don’t mind doing so. Besides, even if they did want to, there simply is nothing like the comfort, support, and shape that a maternity bra can offer. When women are able to look and feel their best, they are happy and relaxed – which is what every pregnant woman wants. Maternity clothing is designed for comfort as well as fashion and most retailers of maternity clothing understand this. Thus, they usually carry styles in sizes small through three-a or even larger.

Most maternity bras are made of stretchy material that will conform nicely to the new curves that develop as a result of pregnancy. Stretchy spandex is especially good because it keeps the bust line supported while the rest of the body stays flat. Regardless of whether you buy a padded or non-padded bra, you will appreciate the great craftsmanship that goes into creating a piece of clothing that will help you look and feel wonderful while simultaneously providing excellent comfort.

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